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Silkroad Online Trailer
Server Time
Server Stats:
Level Cap 100
Races EU & CH
Max Plus 14 (Adv)
Rebirth System
Treasurebox System
Ultimate Skills
CTF enabled
Battle Arena enabled
Job War Arena enabled
RocNest Area enabled
Devils Garden Area enabled
Colosseum Area enabled
Free Silk Enabled
Vote for Silk Enabled
IP Limit 8x
HWID Limit 4x
CTF PC Limit 1x
FTW PC Limit 1x
JOB PC Limit 1x
BA PC Limit 1x
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: dummy Tax: 0%
Hotan: dummy Tax: 0%
Bandit: dummy Tax: 0%
Constantinople: dummy Tax: 0%
Server info:

Server info :

Players online: 0/1000
Max online: 4
Experience rate: x30
Party Experience rate: x50
Gold drop coeficent: x30-50
Item drop coeficent: x30-50

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 32
Characters: 54
Guilds: 3